Engagement Program

The Swiss Triple Impact (STI) is an engagement program ran by B Lab Switzerland, whose innovative solutions enable the Swiss private sector and public companies to measure their socio-environmental impact and balance profit and purpose.
The Swiss Triple Impact aims to deeply transform the economy by supporting people who use business as a force for good.
The Swiss Triple Impact is an inclusive program built to engage Swiss businesses of all sizes and sectors. Participating businesses are supported throughout a three-year pathway where they measure their social and environmental impact using B Lab’s B Impact Assessment / SDG Action Manager tool, identify concrete opportunities for improvement, and learn from their peers. Furthermore, the STI will provide a comprehensive diagnosis of the impact of Swiss businesses on society, the environment and the economy.



Enable participating companies to measure the social and environmental impact of their operations (5 fields of analysis – employees, community, governance, environment and customers / suppliers)


Develop a detailed and personalized roadmap for improving practices, with methods and tools for implementation to contribute to the SDGs

2030 Agenda

Measure the impact of the private sector and identify ways to improve practices to inspire Swiss private sector to contribute to the achievement of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations


Reinforce the leading role of regions and the confederation in terms of quality and innovation. The commitment of participating companies across the country will have a multiplier effect on the rest of the economy

3-Step Pathway Engagement

Regional Hubs

To ensure an optimal deployment of the STI, the program intends to involve all actors in the local economic fabric, ensuring adequate representation of the wealth and diversity of economic sectors across the country. To do this, the program is based on the creation of a dozen platforms throughout Switzerland, composed of leading partner organizations, such as chambers of commerce, economic promotion, large local participating companies, associations employers, academic circles. Their primary role is to support STI at the local level, notably through the organization of events and workshops, and the support of participating companies. As true program interfaces in the country, the regional platforms are in continuous interaction with B Lab Switzerland to ensure optimal alignment between local and national objectives, and to create the conditions conducive to the development of the program in each region

A commitment in the long term

Due to the diversity of their networks, the nature of their expertise and their mode of operation, the partners of the regional platforms intervene in a complementary way in the implementation of the program. Their commitment runs throughout the duration of the program, ie until the end of 2022 (3.5 years). The contribution of the partners to the regional platforms can take different forms (for example financial, logistic support, expertise during the workshops, etc …), and will depend essentially on the statutes of the latter.

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