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Swiss B Corps to use capital markets for good

The B Corp community is composed of businesses that are committed and invested in achieving the SDGs. Pioneers such as Globalance Bank, Lombard Odier Group, Raiffeisen (Genève-Rhône region), ONE CREATION Cooperative, CONINCO Explorers in finance and Conser contribute to financing the SDGs.

This shows that the social and environmental measures taken by such businesses can indeed be strongly aligned with success. All together, they are working on promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, reducing inequalities and defining internal policies to tackle climate change. Their values and practices highlight a shared vision of the future, and reflect the SDGs’ contributive approach and philosophy.

By becoming B Corporations, these companies reinforce their credibility towards the world. In fact, certified B Corps not only consider the notion of the “greater-good” in their values and mission, but in their actions too. The B Corp certification is rigorous and multi-sectoral. It confirms how seriously involved and reliable this cluster of businesses is.

Globalance Bank has been a “Best for the World” Honoree for a few years now, being particularly proactive with investment criteria and promoting public benefit through their products and services.

Lombard Odier Group and Raiffeisen (Genève-Rhône region) scored high in their B Impact Assessment (BIA) regarding how they engaged with their community and manage their investments. Conser, a pioneer in the systematic approach of ESG issues within the finance industry as well as CONINCO Explorers in finance have also proven their involvement, as they were awarded “Best for the World”  for their impact driven business model. Finally, just last year, ONE CREATION, an investment cooperative was awarded “Best for the World” in the field of governance.

A major challenge in financing the 2030 Agenda will be attracting and directing public and private investments to areas that support the achievement of the SDGs.  Financing for sustainable development, guided by the SDGs, including SDG 17 (partnerships for the goals), and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda will require action by a diverse set of actors. Governments are to foster enabling environments for financing and investment; private sector is to engage in long-term investments; and champions of innovation are to continue developing new solutions for financing the SDGs.  More information about financing for sustainable development can be found here.

Open Letter to Governments of the G20 Nations

Open Letter to Governments of the G20 Nations

“Business urge G20 leaders to lead change to a global impact economy”.

Today, more than ten years since the global financial meltdown, a  group of business leaders, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and impact investors are coming together to call on the G20 countries to help build an economic system that serves people and planet.

Opening of registration for the program Best for Geneva 2018

Best For Geneva was announced on November 22nd 2017 at the event GE=Ci² organized by the Department of Security and Economy (DSE). This ambitious program is the first of its kind in Europe and has been developed and brought to you by B Lab (Switzerland), the Swiss chapter of the internationally renowned nonprofit organization B Lab.

Best for Geneva is a transversal program enjoying the support of the State of Geneva and co-created with over thirty further partners of the canton’s economic fabric, including academic stakeholders, businesses, business support organizations, autonomous entities of public law and umbrella organizations. (Please find the list here.)

The program represents a challenge open to all businesses based in Geneva, irrespective of size, industry, and sector, which are interested in developing and/or improving their social and environmental practices. The participation in Best for Geneva is entirely free of charge and provides participating companies with holistic support, its main objective being to develop a sustainability strategy directly integrated into economic activities. The need to act for future generations is widely acknowledged, and this program offers a unique opportunity to collectively install business practices that make a difference.

Together with its network of partners, Best for the Geneva helps to educate, equip and celebrate all of the canton’s businesses wishing to be part of an inclusive economic system that incorporates sustainable growth, while preserving the environment. The program is designed to leverage a sustainable creation and promotion of high-quality jobs and closer ties between businesses and the local community.

Measuring the impact of business practices is today’s economic asset guaranteeing strong public recognition, whichever company size. Best for Geneva suggests a wide range of customized operational practices, which can be implemented in the short-term, as well as pragmatic recommendations improving business models in the mid-to long-term. This is a direct response to the Agenda 2030 with regards to the involvement of the private sector on a national level in the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the United Nations.

Best for Geneva 2018 will take place over the 12 coming months and is based on the following elements, which are all free of charge:

  • Assessment of the participating companies’ impact through an online tool consisting in 60 questions;
  • Thirty workshops and trainings, aiming at improving business practices as well as at creating forums for discussion. These events are co-created and animated by actors composing the local economic fabric;
  • Four inspiring events designed as a platform to share and enhance experiences of economic actors in the field of sustainable development, thereby facilitating exchanges of views on the opportunities and of expertise present in the canton, and encouraging other businesses to take part in the program;
  • Celebration of participating companies linked with the presentation of results of Best for Geneva 2018.

With over 167 companies already pre-registered for the program, Best for Geneva is off to a promising start. The program still has a few surprises in store. These will be revealed during the first event, which will take place on March 13th 2018. Please find more information on the website:

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